Tuesday, December 21, 2010


An uncanny day where every significant inner thought met a virtually instant (un-caused) external response!

The last example - eating my supper, thinking I must be more social (I have been a mite eremetic of late, an old tendency) and my mobile phone immediately flashes a text with an invitation to the carol concert at Christchurch this very evening!

I was reminded of an eight day silent retreat I took at St Bueno's when this phenomena got utterly out of hand. My favourite occasion, in this instance, was telling my director that though I liked our music at mealtimes, perhaps we could have a variation from the storms and stress of nineteenth century Romanticism (not wholly conducive to the cultivation of attentive silence)!

On my walk that afternoon, I found myself with Elgar's Cello concerto resonating in my mind (which is not untinged with late Romanticism) and there it was at dinner, on the turntable, accompanying the meal as if summoned by magic. The whole week was like that: stumbling over significant coincidence.

It does have the effect of making you feel cradled or, at least, that you are attentive to your own unfolding life in a way that appears to confirm you are on 'the right track'. Heartening.

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